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Acute Care Pediatrics Medical Expert

As a board-certified Pediatric Hospitalist with extensive experience in acute pediatric care and clinical case review, I provide expert witness services for malpractice litigation defense. 


Why Choose Dr. Kort?

With a robust background in clinical practice, research, and quality assurance leadership, I bring a uniquely comprehensive perspective to pediatric malpractice defense. My expertise is underpinned by strong academic credentials and extensive experience in hospital settings, allowing me to provide reliable insights into pediatric care standards and practices. In addition, I have extensive experience in written and oral communication on medical and health topics for both professional and lay audiences. Through a detailed and methodical approach, I aim to support legal teams in understanding the medical nuances that are crucial in defending malpractice cases effectively. My goal is to ensure that the facts are clearly presented and understood, aiding in the fair resolution of legal disputes.

Services Offered

  • Case Review: Comprehensive analysis of medical records, treatment plans, and outcomes to assess standard of care and other pertinent medical issues.

  • Expert Testimony: Articulate and evidence-based testimony in court or deposition settings.

  • Consultation: Offering pre-litigation advice to attorneys to help determine the viability of potential defenses.



  • Board Certification: Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine, American Board of Pediatrics.

  • Leadership and Quality Assurance: Former Chair of the Pediatric Medical Staff Performance Committee at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. In this role, I was responsible for reviewing cases, controlling quality, and ensuring the highest standards of care among pediatric practitioners.

  • Active Clinical Practice: Over a decade of experience at Spectrum Health Medical Group and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, providing critical care in a high-volume setting.

  • Advanced Training: Certified in both Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Neonatal Resuscitation, with an ongoing commitment to professional development

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